One Love One Step Walking

The journey so far


In 2012, Dee Kyne became the Earth Rights Walker to join a social movement redefining stories of activism and human relationship with the Earth. Dee has walked over 5000 miles during this journey to explore and demonstrate that action within and from the people is where change is born. Surviving on the gift economy of human generosity, will and spirit, Dee walked across Spain, Portugal, Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden, Norway and Finland before joining the Island communities of the Caribbean in Cuba and Jamaica.  

The journey evolved into a walk based on connection, relationship building and consciousness raising, as it began to explore the necessary responses required to really establish effective climate mitigation and adaptation.  

The One Love One Step Walks developed from the Earth Rights Walker's legacy as Jamaica's first long distance intentional walk, founded to celebrate a people that created a nation with a philosophy of ‘Out of Many One People’ and ‘One Love’. In 2014 the first OLOSW was launched and 14 local Jamaican people were enabled to discover and discuss their country on their terms. Team 'One Love' walked through neglected and underinvested communities across Jamaica's heartland – talking in schools, churches, community centers and bus stops; a walk that took the team 21days.  


The One Love One Step Walk 2, completed in April- May 2017, is a direct response to the critical challenges presented to Island nations as a result of climate change and destructive environmental practice. The increasing volume of plastic pollution across Jamaica's beaches, the destruction of natural reefs, changes in currents, over-fishing and the continued development of building structures in the active beach zone continue to destroy large areas of natural living coral reefs leaving Jamaica's beaches exposed to an irreversible corrosion.

In collaboration with the Alligator Head Foundation and the Rastafari Millennium Council, the 20 'One Love' Team  walked 680km around the coastline of Jamaica to ignite discussion about plastic pollution across the Island and identify local solutions and capture stories and action.  

The Jamaican One Love One Step Walks have demonstrated the power of putting ones feet on the earth - or walking with intention – of a council on the road and the limitless possibilities this opens up.The stories and evidence collected on this last walk has directly impacted Government of Jamaica's plastic pollution and recycling policy.