Earth walking 1-1


And thus ever, by day and night, under the sun and under the stars, climbing the dusty hills and toiling along the weary planes, journeying by land and by sea, coming and going so strangely, to meet and to act and react on one another, move all we restless travellers through the pilgrimage of life
— Charles Dickens - Little Dorrit

As we walk side by side putting one foot in front of the other in a gentle unhindered manner healing happens, the earth beneath the feet allows clear thinking and clear deep feeling into full energy. This is the practice and learning: how to keep this in your life is the method. 

In addition to our guided group walks, we take small groups of people or individuals into nature to hold them and create a safe place for self-healing and self-realisation. These are bespoke and created in collaboration where your guide also becomes the witness to the process of realisation, awakening or healing.

We understand that busy schedules, budgets, access, responsibilities and individual needs can often prevent one from walking back into nature, and that's why we offer bespoke one-to-one Earth Walking journeys if our guided walk packages are not quite your fit.

Be it for a day, weekend or a month - we can build a walk into nature with you!




• Focused one-on-one guidance
• Weekend, day or even long distance built to your schedule and needs
• Meals can be included



If you are interested in a personalised bespoke one on one guided walk then get in contact and we can create a time and space together that can suit your needs. 

What' not included

Any flights