Who are we?


One Love One Step Walking is run by mother/daughter team Dee Kyne and Tamara Atkinson who have been walking together for the Earth for almost a decade. A Jamirish team we both now live in Portugal's wild Alentejo region and founded One Love One Step Walking as a way to step back into nature. We work with our feet on the ground in connection with nature and in love with the world. 

We are passionate change makers and work internationally in the regenerative economies of the future for this world today. To this end we have also established several major long distance Climate Change walks across Europe and the Caribbean running over a period of a month or two.


Dee was born shaman and has trained internationally with shamans and elders and studied theosophy for the past 20 years. She is a founding member of the International Shamanic Community ISC and trained in body work and meditation. Dee works internationally with traditional communities  particularly on 'Ridge to Reef' solutions.

Dee lives and work's in nature and has learned a mindful connected practice. Nature is the way and putting one foot in front of the other in a gentle unhindered manner is the practice. This creates an energy and exchange that brings healing and understanding to those seeking to awaken or heal themselves.

"I take small groups of people or individuals into nature to hold them and create a safe place for self-healing and self-realisation/awakening to your souls purpose"



We also work with those who are dealing with difficult problems or need healing. This is done through walks and medicine walks to clarify what it is they are in need of and support their own personal process. We find that people often do not know their own power and ability to heal until they can really feel it deeply in nature.

We are committed to treading lightly on the Earth and ensure all of our guided walks are designed to have the minimum impact to the environment.

One Love One Step Walking is committed to promoting connection through responsible, local tourism. Where possible, food is sourced locally, and we work towards creating minimal amounts of waste. 

 Large chain hotels are not on our agenda!